NZGIF Privacy Statement – September 2021


This statement explains how and when New Zealand Green Investment Finance Limited (NZGIF) collects personal information, what we do with it and your right to see or change it.

We may need to change this statement from time to time, but the latest version will always be available on our website.  Your continued interaction with us after any change will be treated as your acceptance of the updated statement.

New Zealand privacy law sets out the rules we must follow in collecting, storing, using and sharing any personal information you give us. When we say ‘NZ privacy law’, we mean the law in New Zealand that covers personal information that is in force at the time that you use our services. This includes codes of conduct issued by the Privacy Commissioner that apply to our interactions with you.


The purpose of this privacy statement is to let people who interact with us (including people who use our website) know when we collect personal information, what we do with it, and who we might share it with.

When you use our services (for example, you obtain investment from us), interact with us (for example, send us an email) or use our website, you agree that we may collect, use, store, and share your personal information as we’ve described in this statement.  We may have additional privacy terms that apply to our interactions with you, which you will be advised of and agree to when we have those interactions.

Collection, storage and use of personal information

Collection of personal information

We may collect the following information from you when you use our services or interact with us.

Type of personal information collected



Your name, address, and contact details (including email address)

When you obtain or request our services (for example, you seek or obtain investment from us)

So that we can identify you, communicate with you, and provide you with information relevant to your needs and our services

Date of birth

When you obtain investment from us

So that we comply with our obligations to conduct due diligence on our customers

Your identity information (for example your ID document and proof of address (like a power bill))

When you obtain investment from us

So that we comply with our obligations to conduct due diligence on our customers

Information relating to your use of our website, such as device related information (IP address), activity and pages visited

When you use our website

So that we can provide our services to you, personalise those services and assist our software function

Your email address

When you subscribe to our news

So that we can send our news to you

Information you share when corresponding with us (including by using our use our “send us a message” form on our website – don’t share sensitive information through this form)

When you communicate with us

So that we can communicate with you

Any personal information we need to collect about you to deliver our and services, including the above

The circumstances described above, and otherwise during your interaction with us

For the purposes set out in ‘’Other uses’’ below, and as otherwise set out in this privacy statement

Consequences of not providing us information

If you do not provide information we have requested, we may not be able to provide services to you or the organisation you work for or are associated with (for example as a director or shareholder).  Please ask if you are unsure what information is important and how this might affect you.

Other uses

We only use your information in the way described in this statement, or as NZ privacy law allows.

We’ve outlined the specific ways we’ll use your information above.

We might also use your personal information to:

  • provide, evaluate and improve our services (including our website);
  • contact you regarding incomplete or partial applications for our services;
  • protect and enforce our rights as part of our relationship with you;
  • comply with applicable laws or legal rules;
  • conduct market research, data processing and statistical analysis activities; and
  • communicate with you (including about our activities and services).

If we need to use your information for another purpose associated with a particular service, which isn’t directly related to one of the purposes listed above and for which you haven’t otherwise authorised us to use your information, we will contact you to obtain your consent before using your information for that purpose

Who we collect information from

NZGIF will usually gather information from you directly, but sometimes we may collect information about you from other people.  We will only collect information about you from other people if we reasonably believe it’s necessary to do so, beneficial to you, or you have authorised us to.  Sometimes, we may collect information about other people from you if you provide that information to us.  If you do provide us with someone’s personal information, you must make sure you have that person’s authority to do so and you must make sure that person knows that their information may be used by us in the circumstances set out in this statement.

By agreeing to use our services, you authorise us to collect information about you from any other person who can provide us with information that relates to a purpose listed above and is necessary for that purpose. We may make enquiries about any information that you provide to us to check the accuracy of the information.  This may include providing the information to agencies engaged by us to verify your identity or address information (this includes Verifi Identity Services Limited, known as Cloudcheck, who may check your information with certain government and third party databases).

Sharing your information

You agree that we can share your personal information with:

  • NZGIF staff where necessary or desirable for them to do their jobs (for example, to communicate with you, including where you have asked us a question through our website);
  • any person in New Zealand who provides services to or for us or our related organisations and who needs it to assist us with the purposes listed above;
  • our related organisations who may also store, use and disclose it in accordance with this statement;
  • agencies engaged by us to verify customer identity or address information;
  • organisations conducting data processing and statistical analysis for us;
  • our assignees or potential assignees;
  • law enforcement authorities, the courts, government agencies, regulatory authorities or third parties, both in New Zealand and overseas, where we are required to or we believe the disclosure will assist us to comply with any law or legal rules or will assist in the investigation, detection and/or prevention of fraud, money laundering or other criminal offences;
  • anyone you authorise us to disclose that information to;
  • when it will be used in a way that can’t identify you;
  • for statistical or research purposes when it won’t be published in a way that could identify you; and
  • in other limited circumstances permitted by NZ privacy law.

Keeping your personal information

We may store your information in either physical (documentary) or electronic form, and we may contract a third party or related entity to store it.

Third parties or related entities which hold your information may be subject to laws or legal rules which require them to disclose your information.  Under NZ privacy law we are still responsible for the safe keeping of your personal information and we take security of it seriously, so we make sure that anyone we contract to hold information for us takes care to protect it from unauthorised disclosure, loss or misuse and is subject to appropriate privacy laws or complies with other privacy safeguards (such as encryption).

Under NZ privacy law, we may only retain your personal information for as long as it may be lawfully used.  Even if you no longer have any dealings with us, we will usually have legal obligations to retain your information for a period of time.  If you would like us to delete your information, please contact us using the details below.

Statistical information and cookies

Statistical information collected

When you use our website, we may collect statistical information about your visit to help us improve our website.  This information is aggregated and does not identify you personally.  It includes:

  • your IP address
  • the search terms you used
  • the pages you visited on our site and the links you clicked on
  • the date and time you visited our website
  • the referring site (if any) from which you clicked through to our website
  • your operating system, for example Windows XP, Mac OS X
  • the type of web browser you use, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • other things like your screen resolution and the language setting of your browser.

 Use of statistical information

The statistical information referred to above can be viewed by site administrators and certain other NZGIF staff.  It may also be shared with other government agencies.


Our website generates persistent session cookies (that is, they have an expiry date and are removed on that date) for the purpose of monitoring site usage.  The cookies do not collect personal information.  You can disable them or clear them out of your web browser without affecting your ability to use our website.

Records and disclosure statement

Public records, official information and parliament

Your correspondence with us (including letters, emails and contributions to our website) may constitute public records and be retained and/or disclosed to the extent required by the Public Records Act 2005.  NZGIF may also need to disclose those materials under the Official Information Act 1982 or to a Parliamentary Select Committee or parliament in response to a parliamentary question.

Correcting your personal information

Your rights

Under the Privacy Act 2020, you have the right to access and ask us to correct any of your personal information provided to NZGIF.

Contact us if:

  • you would like to see or change your personal information NZGIF has stored, or
  • you have any concerns regarding your privacy.

 NZGIF may require proof of your identity before being able to provide you with any personal information.

The Privacy Officer
New Zealand Green Investment Finance Limited
PO Box 1054
Wellington 6140
Email: [email protected]

If you have a privacy complaint

If you are not satisfied with our response to any privacy-related concern you may have, you can contact the Privacy Commissioner.