For investees

How to partner with NZGIF.

Our investment approach

Working with private capital markets and co-investors, NZGIF ’s purpose is to accelerate the flow of capital to investment that can enable New Zealand's decarbonisation.

NZGIF has two main approaches to accelerating investment in the market: direct investment, and the creation of products and programmes to attract additional flows of capital.

We are looking for scalable companies, technologies and products that are commercial-ready and offer low carbon benefits for New Zealand. 

There are other entities focused on supporting New Zealand businesses in R+D and pilot demonstration, including Callaghan Innovation, New Zealand Growth Capital Partners, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and EECA, all of which we work with to identify emerging opportunities over time.

GIDI Private Finance Pilot

NZGIF is a financial provider in EECA's GIDI Private Finance Pilot, a pilot scheme to help GIDI applicants get finance for large decarbonisation projects. New Zealand Green Investment Finance is one of nine participating financial providers in the scheme. 

Our investment process

NZGIF acts as an independent investor and follows a typical professional investment process.

NZGIF is not a grant funding agency and does not have an application process.  

If you are interested in being considered for investment, please provide a business model and information setting out how the proposed investment would materially fulfil our investment mandate to accelerate investment in emissions reductions in New Zealand in a commercial manner.

Receipt of an investment enquiry does not oblige NZGIF to consider, investigate or invest in any proposals.

Steps in the investment process

  1. Market assessment and engagement, including research
  2. Origination - identifying opportunities and counterparties
  3. Eligibility screening - does the opportunity fit with NZGIF's mandate?
  4. Investment assessment and structuring - including negotiation and analysis
  5. Due diligence - formal assessment to assess commercial potential
  6. Final approval and execution
  7. Ongoing monitoring and management

How to contact us with investment enquiries

If you have an investment opportunity that you would like us to consider, please email us or fill out our online form and include the following:

  • Name of investment opportunity
  • A business proposal that includes commercial terms and demonstration of the GHG emissions reduction benefits to New Zealand
  • Your contact details

NZGIF welcomes your email, but please note we may not always be able to respond to investment enquiries.  

Guide for Investees

Download our guide to working together with NZGIF.

Direct investment

We are willing and able to use different investment instruments – such as equity and debt – as appropriate for a particular investment opportunity.

We always consider other key investment parameters, such as the term of investment and its security, in order to maximise the likelihood of success for our investments while seeking commercial risk-adjusted return.

We typically will not allocate more than 33% of our capital to any one technology or industry, and no more than 20% of our capital to any one counterparty. Our aim is to limit equity investment exposures to no more than 50% of our total investment portfolio. 

Target sectors for investment

We are currently considering opportunities that benefit New Zealand's decarbonisation in the following sectors. 

This includes opportunities that result in direct emissions reductions (eg. replacing fossil-fueled cars with electric vehicles), and opportunities that enable or support decarbonisation (e.g. electric vehicle charging infrastructure).

We will consider opportunities outside our target sectors where there are potential carbon savings or significant other co-benefits attached to the proposed investment.

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e.g. electric bus deployment

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Process Heat

e.g. replacing commercial boilers

Energy efficiency building TN 400px

Energy Efficiency

e.g. commercial building retrofit programmes

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e.g. precision agriculture applications

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Distributed Energy Resources

e.g. renewable energy systems that help wider decarbonisation

Two additional target sectors were announced in Budget 2021.

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e.g. bio-plastic alternatives

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e.g. waste-to-energy at landfill