Thinxtra, The IoT Telco

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We're investing growth capital in an innovative Internet of Things tech company that enables decarbonisation and cost savings for New Zealand companies across multiple sectors.

Thinxtra, The IoT Telco, is a leading Internet of Things (IoT) network and service provider operating an established 0G network across New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong. It is an ‘enabler’ – its technology supports companies to improve efficiency and asset utilisation, with clear carbon reduction benefits.

New Zealand Green Investment Finance’s investment has allowed Thinxtra to take advantage of a significant growth opportunity and accelerate the adoption of IoT solutions in New Zealand.

Thinxtra built, owns and operates a low-power, wide area network (LPWAN) that covers 94% of New Zealand. Powered by Sigfox technology, the network is low-cost, resilient and capable of supporting high volumes of connected devices that require very little energy to run. Using information from IoT devices connected to the network can enable companies to use less power, travel less, reduce waste and save carbon.

Case studies

50% carbon reduction

Installation of real-time IoT water meters can achieve a 50% reduction in truck trips and associated carbon emissions

The Thinxtra-backed solution helped drive significant improvements in water usage in the remote Canterbury town of Duvauchelle, which relied on water delivery by truck in the summer months. Uncounted water loss reduced from 60% to 30% in three months. The optimization of the water delivery system meant trucks were doing half the number of trips, resulting in a 50% reduction in carbon emissions and greater efficiencies.

Reduce waste and carbon

IoT asset Track & Trace solutions for returnable industrial packaging increase asset utilisation, reduces waste and reduce carbon emissions

Beverage keg rental service leaders Kegstar and Konvoy, who acquired New Zealand based Red Kegs, worked with Thinxtra to deploy IoT enabled track & trace solutions at a national and global scale for their keg fleets.  Location and condition information about the kegs as they move through the cycle increases their assets utilisation, reduces cycle times and optimises pick up routes, key to more sustainable and efficient supply chain business practises.

Remote monitoring

Smart gas metering reduces the need and frequency for manual meter readings, thereby reducing carbon emissions associated with travel

ADRiley worked with Thinxtra to develop a smart gas metering solution with a ten-year battery life. As with water metering, smart gas metering allows a switch from inefficient blanket metering to metering on an as-needed basis. Thinxtra is working on similar remote monitoring solutions with Kordia and Watercare, with a view to significantly reduce the need and frequency for manual meter readings (and the associated travel).

Route optimisation

Optimisation of rubbish truck collection leads to more cost-effective waste management, lower fuel consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions

PiPIoT LevelSense, one of Thinxtra’s channel partners, developed a bin-mounted sensor capable of identifying bin volumes in order to optimise collection routes. The sensors allowed Christchurch City Council to optimise pick-up routes for more cost-effective waste management. This resulted in fewer rubbish collection trucks on the road for less time, which in turn meant lower fuel consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions.