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We're providing growth capital for a successful energy and carbon management company that delivers cost savings, productivity and profitability improvements alongside decarbonisation.

ESP helps companies achieve carbon reduction and cost savings with intelligent energy and carbon management solutions. ESP is one of the largest specialist companies of its kind in NZ and is well regarded as a market leader due to its proven results, specialist consulting energy and decarbonisation capability and leading edge technology including utilising machine learning to deliver energy efficiency gains.

This $2.7m equity investment will be used to grow ESP’s New Zealand business by building the customer base, enhancing software functionality and building ESP’s carbon reporting capability.

The growth potential for a company like ESP is large, with the benefits accessible to many New Zealand businesses.

Our investment in ESP’s growth is a win-win for New Zealand. We see potential for significant growth for ESP as New Zealand companies recognise that to be successful, to meet the expectations of shareholders and customers, they need to do business with less carbon.

Craig Weise, New Zealand Green Investment Finance Chief Executive


293 GWh avoided

293GWh avoided and $42.7 million delivered in savings for clients in 18 years

ESP’s energy and carbon management solutions increase energy efficiency and reduce energy bills, delivering significant savings for users.

$ lower costs

Energy efficiency and optimisation

New Zealand’s businesses stand to benefit from using energy more efficiently as it translates to lower energy costs and improved profitability. In addition to electricity and building efficiency, ESP’s services can optimise the use of process heating plants, reducing emissions in a sector that is proving challenging to decarbonise.

Up to 50% savings

Annual energy savings of 10-50% for large energy users

ESP’s solutions deliver 10-20% energy savings for large energy users, with some clients achieving up to 50% energy savings.

14% carbon reduction

Reducing carbon emissions by 14%

Over the last 12 years, ESP has achieved total carbon emissions reductions of 14% across its customer base due to decreased electricity usage.