Carbn Group

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Our investment is enabling Carbn to create a platform to scale-up finance and help the transition of fleets to electric vehicles.

Carbn Group is a parent company of two distinct subsidiaries formed to support the uptake of low emissions vehicles in corporate and government-owned fleets.

The two companies – Carbn Asset Management (CAM) and Sustainable Fleet Finance (SFF) – operate independently to reduce New Zealand’s light vehicle fleet emissions, the country’s fastest growing emissions sector. CAM provides fleet optimisation and transition planning for fleet owners, while SFF provides financing for electric vehicles for fleets.

Carbn is significantly scaling up its fleet financing arm to finance further private corporate and government fleet transitions to EVs.

Carbn Group’s activities give a wide range of New Zealanders the opportunity to experience driving electric vehicles through work, thus helping to mainstream EV use. It will also help build the second-hand market for EVs in New Zealand.


Carbon reduction

Reducing carbon in New Zealand’s fastest growing emissions sector

Transport emissions have risen by more than 70% since 1990 and the transport industry accounts for 19% of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing transport emissions will have a significant impact on our overall emissions.

EV growth

Helping build a second-hand EV market in New Zealand

Transitioning more fleets to EVs means more new electric vehicles available in the New Zealand market, increasing the supply of affordable second-hand EVs. With more second-hand EVs in the market, more consumers will be encouraged to switch to EVs and reduce carbon emissions.

Financing EVs

Providing finance to help companies accelerate fleet transitions

NZGIF’s investment in Carbn is helping companies reach their carbon zero goals quicker. For example, Carbn financed 10 Tesla EVs for Tall Poppy Real Estate as it begins its transition to a fully electric vehicle fleet and aims to become the first zero emission real estate company in New Zealand.