Our approach to green

How NZGIF contributes to the sustainable finance ecosystem.


Our approach to green

NZGIF has developed several resources that enhance the understanding of climate finance in New Zealand.

As New Zealand's green investment bank, NZGIF plays an important role in building the market for green financing deals of the future.

Emissions Benefit Reporting

Each year NZGIF publishes an Emissions Benefit Report, which outlines the estimated decarbonisation impact of our portfolio of investments. 

We began estimating and reporting emissions reduction impact for transparency and accountability purposes, and our methodology is based on international green bank practices.

Read our latest reports:

Green Financing Framework

Recognising the role of sustainable finance in supporting the transition to a low carbon and more resource-efficient economy, NZGIF has established a Green Financing Framework to help align its external funding and co-investment with its sustainability mission and decarbonisation objectives, while mobilising investors to contribute private capital towards the realisation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”).

View the NZGIF Green Financing Framework.

NZGIF utilised its Green Financing Framework during the development of NZGIF Solar Finance. NZGIF Solar Finance is a solar loan programme developed by NZGIF to provide the long-term, fixed rate debt that is required to accelerate distributed solar in New Zealand.

Climate Bonds Initiative certification

The NZGIF Solar Finance programme is the first issuance by a New Zealand-based financial institution to secure Climate Bonds Initiative certification. This certification for climate-aligned debt instruments is awarded by the Climate Bonds Initiative following a science-based assessment of the programme’s sustainability attributes. The certification is used globally by bond issuers, governments, and investors to prioritise investments which genuinely contribute to addressing climate change.

Visit the Climate Bonds Initiative to find out more.